World War Zzzzzz

Posted in Reviews by - July 13, 2013
World War Zzzzzz

World War Z has a PG 13 rating basically meaning it presents a santitised version of the zombie genre that you could even take your kids and grandmother along to see, if you so wished.

The movie certainly had a few memorable scenes which were worth seeing, such as a zombie anthill trying to breech Israel’s security wall, as well as zombies besieging a helicopter, or the nerve-rattling jumbo jet sequence.

Nevertheless, the zombies of World War Z would make Hussain Bolt look like he was standing still and oddly enough were not interested in dinner but only in having a quick bite before moving onto their next victim. All this, when combined with shaky camera work and a lack of bloodletting, contrives to make for an extremely light weight zombie flick that was sorely lacking in bite.

As usual Brad Pitt presented a smouldering, slow-simmering feel, which neatly matched this lukewarm offering, but in the end World War Z never really got into over-drive and unfortunatey simply just limped over the finish line.

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