Wanted (2008): A Decent Script Writer For Immediate Employment!

Posted in Reviews by - January 02, 2014
Wanted (2008): A Decent Script Writer For Immediate Employment!

I just finished watching one of the worst films ever made called ‘Wanted’ or to give it it’s full title; ‘Wanted; someone who knows how to write a script, for immediate employment.’ Watching this films was like having hot wax dripped onto your genitalia, but not in a pleasant way either.

It’s now clear to all and sundry that a long time ago the equation for making a US action movie was formerly computed by the pencil necked desk clerks at Hollywood, who ever since have been endlessly dishing out their same  patented, old slop. Recently, though, I’ve noticed that incredibly the standard of these films have plummeted even further into the depths of crapdom. Read no storyline, zero acting, same lame action sequences and a generous helping of gun crime, murder and genocide.

The truth is now clear that the film companies must be bankrolled by the arms manufacturers who fund these hour or so long adverts to promote their wares. In the same way that we witness one senseless murder after another, so the making of these films only serve their designed purpose of exporting gun crime to all corners of the planet.

James McAvoy said at the end of ‘Wanted’…. blah, blah, something about killing sooooooooo many baddies, “what have you done today?”. What he was really saying is, ‘ I know this was a really bad movie but could you do any better, you the twat who watches this nonesense?’

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