Undead (2003) Proves Unbearable

Posted in Reviews by - March 09, 2012
Undead (2003) Proves Unbearable

As I sat down to watch ‘Undead,’ I was at least looking forward to enjoying a bit of earthy Aussie humour, while secretly hoping that this zombie flick might turn out to be a classic like Braindead (1992). Unfortunately, Peter Jackson the Spierig brothers are not!

Things started out well enough as the rustic town of Berkeley is hit by a hail of meteorites, which subsequently unleash a plague of the walking dead on the hapless town folk. I even continued watching as a handful of survivors struggled to stay alive in the midst of all the calamitous mayhem, until a half  hour into the story when Undead succeeded in sapping the very last vestige of interest from my now pauperized body.

This was supposed to be a comedy horror but the painful acting in this movie went way beyond a joke. I then found myself groaning like a zombie who’d just been struck on the head by some cheap Aussie boomerang before finally pulling the plug on this Antipodean misadventure.

I only decided to watch ‘Undead’ after reading a few positive reviews on this so-called hidden gem of a movie but, unfortunately, Undead proved UNwatchable and doesn’t even make it onto the ‘it’s so bad its good’ list.


Sucks your brain out through your nose and stamps on it

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  • Daniel

    Definitely a B-horror film, but still alright with some funny one liners..Overall, UNDEAD is a pretty poor zombie movie, though.

  • Zog

    Really!! I thought Undead was an enjoyable horror comedy with occasional flashes of brilliance. Rent it and prepare for a roller-coaster of a ride.

    • Elmaker

      I didn’t really get into it. I was just kind of meh about it all. Poor zomebis, the most overused genre of film ever. For every good flick there’s probably ten bad ones.

  • kow

    Tedious, tiresome and basically a load of old tripe.

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