Tyrannosaur (2011) Profoundly Dull

Posted in Reviews by - May 14, 2012
Tyrannosaur (2011) Profoundly Dull

This dark British drama presents a mind numbingly brutal and bleak picture of the miserable lives of two people living in a not so much run-down but run-over council estate in Leeds, England.

For better or worse, the first half hour of Tyrannosaur rudely grabs the audience’s attention with beaten-down unemployed Scottish widower Joseph (Peter Mullan), kicking his dog to death, smashing a store window and picking a fight with three adolescents in a bar before being beaten unconscious himself.

In the meantime, we are introduced to our second protagonist Hannah (Olivia Colman), a horrifically abused wife of repulsive, pip-squeak James (Eddie Marsan), who urinates on her when she’s asleep, later raping and beating the crap out of her.

Other charming character swe are introduced to include a violent skinhead living opposite Joseph, who perpetually goads his pit-bull to attack his single-mother girlfriend’s child; and an assortment of borderline drunks, as well as other psychologically deficient characters.

Director Paddy Considine then tries to extract as much pity from the audience as possible by presenting them with the visible suffering of Hannah and Joseph through various stunning displays of abuse. Unfortunately, suffering gets confused with realism in this downer of a movie, which interminably drags and drones on until its very end.

At 91 minutes, Tyrannosaur still felt flabby with some painfully overdone scenes, including the funeral party, and rather than being profoundly moved by the movie I felt myself profoundly bored instead.


A dull slice of pain

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  • Alkalde

    Nice write up. I know it may sound odd after having gone through that post, but I am quite looking forward to this. Not in a oh I think it’ll be a fun go, but more so in a I think this has top 10 of 2011 potential way.

  • Tony

    There was a character, in this film, that you feel sorry for, and that is the litlte boy, across the street. Great movie! I agree, after the first 10 minutes you want to shut it off. But, you have to keep it on to see how it is going to end

    • Gerald

      My 9yr old son auditioned for this movie (to play the leading lady’s son) and was shortlisted..didnt get the part in the end, but got to meet Paddy and the casting director. Good Luck with the site :)

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