The Wild Blue Yonder (2005)

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The Wild Blue Yonder (2005)

This ultra-low budget mock documentary involves an alien (Brad Dourif) narrating the story of his dying water planet in the Alpha Centauri star system, and his people’s subsequent exodus and settlement on Earth. Later, humans believing they had contracted an infectious alien disease from the Roswell UFO debris, launch a mission to a nearby planet in order to create an uninfected human colony, which so happens to be the aliens’ abandoned home planet Blue Yonder.

Although this oddity of a movie may have stretched the patience at times, it did strangely keep you wrapped up in its ridiculous plot, by combining actor Brad Dourif’s excellent mock-documentary tones, with musical chantings and barely relevant stock footage, to help create the illusion of profoundness.

In reality this film is both profound and farcical, but mostly farcical highlighted by the extraterrestrial narrator saying he and his fellow aliens “suck,” while telling his tale from a failed, abandoned city that was to have been the alien’s capital on Earth. The elaborate, lamenting style of the movie then makes us feel the alien’s nostalgia as he tells us his futuristic story and in a way the whole experience somehow becomes strangely moving, especially with the use of tribal music around every corner evoking the spirit of the struggles of life.

The Wild Blue Yonder is the sort of film you don’t mind playing in the background that lets your mind wander and then return without missing anything. Not sure I could have sat through all of it, though, without first being fairly smashed.


Like drifting off watching a camp fire, while some drunk alien tells you his life story.


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  • Ndar

    It’s a film to be experienced, but extreme patience and calm is required to enjoy the depths to this movie I found The Wild Blue Yonder sad, humorous but above all else uplifting.

  • icyrus

    This was a pretty dam strange movie and definitely not one of Werner Herzog’s best works. Grizzly Man, White Diamond and 10 Minutes Older were inspired. I found his efforts here dull and the slow-paced, unfortunately.

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