The Revenant (2009)

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The Revenant (2009)

From the moment this movie started rolling with a poem and a piece of classical music, I already suspected The Revenant was going to be a thing of quality and boy did it deliver.

During its opening sequence we witness First Lieutenant Bart Gregory (David Anders) killed under mysterious circumstances in Iraq before his body is returned and buried back in the US. At this point the subtle dark humour was filtering nicely through the serious subject matter but from the moment his articulate decomposing corpse seeks out his best pal Joey Leubner (Chris Wylde) at home one night, The Revenant becomes a work of pure dark comic genius.

The fantasy world which Writer/Director D. Kerry Prior creates is as original a piece of comedy-horror as I have seen, and contains numerous memorable scenes, including an incredible, knock-out ending. The Revenant is also hilarious and doesn’t conform to any vampire or zombie genres but is instead a sincere creative classic which proudly stands apart as its own film.

In addition, the actors were perfect for the part and came across as real friends, while the tone the men struck induces a range of feelings which make watching this film a deeper, richer experience. I could go on but I’ll simply finish by saying that if you like comedy-horror, then this is a definite must.


A true comedy-horror classic

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