The Pact (2012)

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The Pact (2012)

Developed from a successful short story, The Pact is a brooding supernatural thriller which has enough suspense and spooky moments in it to make it a creepy, enjoyable watch for a night at home.

It also benefits from a not overly complicated plot, as well as having stunner Caity Lotz play the lead role. Annie Barlow (Lotz) is a young woman who’s estranged mother dies and is then persuaded to return to her family home by her sister Nicole (Agnes Bruckner). Before long Annie discovers her sister has vanished and that the house is apparently under the influence of a malignant entity.

Caity Lotz shines in her role, and is complimented by solid acting from her co-stars, which includes Starship Troopers Caspar Van Dien as Detective Bill Creek and Haley Hudson as a psychic blind girl.

The art direction and photography was good and included some impressively unsettling visuals, including spooky shadows, scary photos, and a laptop video call scene which delivers a sharp shock. One thing The Pact is not, however, is a typical haunted house horror as the detective story is intriguing and probably one of  the most important elements to the film.

Interesting ghost story which values mystery over gore

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