The Last Stand (2013) is The Last Straw

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The Last Stand (2013) is The Last Straw

Ray Owens (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the Sheriff of a sleepy border town where nothing ever happens, somehow ends up making a stand against vicious international drug lord Gabriel Cortez, who has to pass through his town with his army of goons in order to make it across the border to Mexico.

That’s the premise for this shaky movie which then transforms into a trade fair for arms manufacturers and weapons enthusiasts, alike. However, no matter how many bullets are fired by the cartel, they hadn’t factored in the now leathery, impervious hide of  the ageing sheriff  or the fact his already coagulated blood has made him practicably unstoppable. The ancient Austrian oak then proceed to terminate the enire baddies brigade with all the finese of a 30 stone truck driver on meths in this bland bullet riddled excuse for an action movie.

As comebacks go, its really just a case of the same old, same old, and I do mean old!!

List of weaponry used in The Last Stand includes the following;

Handguns: Smith & Wesson Model 500, Colt MK IV Series 80, Glock 17, Colt Dragoon, SIG-Sauer P229, Intratec TEC-9, Beretta 92FS.

Submachine Guns: Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW, Heckler & Koch MP5K, Heckler & Koch MP5A3, Thompson M1921AC.

Shotguns: Gauge Double-Barreled Shotgun, Remington 1100, Mossberg 590 “Cruise, Mossberg 500 “Cruiser”, Remington 870, Saiga 12K

Rifles: Heckler & Koch G36C, IMI Galil MAR, M4A1, Mk. 14 Mod 1 EBR, Remington 700PSS, Blaser R93 LRS2, Uberti 1873 Revolver Carbine

Machine Guns: Vickers Gun

Other: Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle, Orion Flare Gun, M67 hand grenade,

to name but a few.

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