The Innkeepers (2011): Room And Bored

Posted in Reviews by - April 15, 2012
The Innkeepers (2011): Room And Bored

This movie should have been called Room And Bored. Regrettably, Ti West was as slack writing and directing The Innkeepers as were those two lazy hotel employees we watched for a full 100 minutes pottering about and having inane conversations in the barely haunted Yankee Pedlar Inn.

The plot follows desk clerks Luke (Pat Healy) and Claire (Sara Paxton) doing chores around the mostly empty soon to be shut hotel, while taking occasional naps. The two amateur ghost busters also spend time investigating and trying to record the hotel’s ghost for Luke’s paranormal website.

Nothing really happens for the first half of this snail-paced tale until a piano key suddenly moves on it’s own, which isn’t exactly a big payoff for our patience. What then promises to be the start of something spooky merely leads into a series of semi-suspenseful scenes with all the horror of a fair ground ghost train, only not as scary. In spite of occasional standard “boo made you jump” moments, each scene simply deflates one after another while the only tension felt is in the jaws of the yawning viewers.

In The Innkeepers Ti West experimented with combining horror with mundanity but unfortunately only succeeded in producing a film that was frighteningly tedious.


The most boring horror movie in years

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  • Itamar

    SPOILER ALERT!! Having stayed several days myself at the Yankee Pedlar Inn in Torrington, Conn., I can vouch for the authenticity of the haunting. Doors would open and close by themselves as if we were on the Starship Enterprise or something whether we were going thru them to the turbolift or the sick bay or slipping into Ten Forward for a mug of Romulan ale. I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

    • Chici

      I agree, disappointing movie. I actually liked the two main characters and laughed at a lot of their dialogue together but there were not enough scares and a lot of loose plot ends that weren’t really resolved.

  • Dah-rah

    Do you remember those dumb internet viral videos a few years back where a zombie or ghost pops up on the screen suddenly and you go arggh. The Innkeepers actually played one of those clips. That just about sums up the creativity of this lame movie.

  • Stan

    Pretty strange goings on, Itamar. Thanks for sharing I hope the staff were more helpful when you were there than in the movie, though lol

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