The Hunter (2011)

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The Hunter (2011)

The Hunter is a wildlife eco-espionage thriller, whose story moves forward at a relaxed pace, while treating the viewer to  some beautiful Tasmanian countryside vistas.

Mercenary hunter Martin David (Willem Dafoe) is contracted by military bio tech company Red Leaf to pose as a university professor while secretly hunting the presumably extinct Tasmanian Tiger. In the back waters of Tasmania, the enigmatic loner then lodges at the home of single mother Lucy Armstrong (Frances O’Connor) and her two cute children Sass (Morgana Davies) and Bike, making for some particularly endearing and heart warming moments.

Meanwhile, Lucy Armstrong’s environmentalist husband has been missing some eight months in the Tasmanian wilderness, with suspicion for his disappearance believed related to the animosity between local loggers  destroying the beautiful landscape and the environmentalists who have been organizing protests against the deforestation.

Plenty of intrigue ensues amidst the subterfuge in this compelling movie, with Dafoe perfect and able to command the screen like no other actor, particularly in the silence of the rugged Tasmanian countryside. The movie also highlights a tragic chapter in human history, with the main theme revolving around the Tasmanian Tiger, a creature which by 1936 had been tragically hunted to extinction by farmers and government sanctioned bounty hunters.

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