The Host (2013): A 60′s Style Sci-Fi Cheesefest

Posted in Reviews by - June 16, 2013
The Host (2013): A 60′s Style Sci-Fi Cheesefest

In The Host a force of polite alien ‘Souls’  take over and occupy the human race, Invasion of the Body Snatchers style, while streamlining human systems so that they run marginally more efficiently. This apparently involves everyone wearing white  suits, driving around in silver chromed Lotus sports cars, and not having to pay for their shopping at Costco.

As so many alien invaders have failed to do in the past, however, they made the fatal mistake of not reckoning on the remarkable resilience Earthlings have compared to all other intelligent lifeforms, and above all mankind’s apparently unique concept of LOVE. Presumably, all other extraterrestials in the universe are collectively so bland and emotionless as to make Keannu Reeves look like Laurence Olivier.

Throw in wise old leader of the human resistance, William Hurt, who goes around saying things like “I don’t take kindly to aliens who don’t take kindly to human beings who don’t take kindly to aliens, etc, etc ad nauseum”, a syrupy sweet Saoirse Ronan caught up in some bizarre love quadrangle and faced with the dilema of which human hunks to kiss next, and more cheese than a Swiss Dairy farm, and you have all the ingredients of one of the most melodramatic and yawningly iffy alien-invasion chick flicks yet conceived.

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