The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

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The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations (2009)

Back in 2004, The Butterfly Effect was one of the surprise successes of the year and took almost $100 million at the box office. And then two years later came along the worst sequels in the history of sci-horror, a direct-to-DVD slap in the face for fans of the original movie. In the franchise’s latest time travel offering, the movie stands over the failure of its B-movie predecessor, like a midget towers over a dwarf.

The time crime story is decent and manages to maintain enough interest to make it watchable bordering on enjoyable. My low expectations going into this movie further helped elevate it to a pleasant surprise. Nevertheless, the original Butterfly Effect stands alone as a solid cult classic. After this third outing we can at least hope that the portal to this time traveling franchise has now shut for good.


Posing as a psychic, Sam Reide (Chris Carmack) uses his time traveling abilities to visit the past and help the Detroit Police Department solve murders in return for a tidy paycheck. Assisted by his sister Jenna (Rachel Miner) who monitors his vital signs  during his time jumps. Sam then tries to discover the identity of the killer who murdered his ex-high school girlfriend Rebecca 10 years ago but unfortunately instead causes her sister Elizabeth to be murdered, as well. To make matters worse, when he returns to his own time, he discovers the unknown assailant is now  responsible for  total of eight deaths and has been dubbed the Pontiac Killer.


Cold Tub Time Machine

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