Take Shelter (2011) Takes Its Time

Posted in Reviews by - February 29, 2012
Take Shelter (2011) Takes Its Time

Good acting but any audience tuning in expecting to watch an apocalyptic thriller will be disappointed as that part of the story would have barely fitted into an episode of the Twilight Zone. This movie, rather, is a fully fledged two hour slow, simmering emotional drama that never gets above tepid.

Take Shelter is a shaky-at-best psychological tale dealing specifically with Midwestern American family man Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon), and how his family deals with his pre-psychotic apocalyptic premonitions.

There is also the possibility, however, that Curtis’ obsession about an impending cataclysmic storm may hold some water, so to speak. Unfortunately, you won’t find that answer out until the end of the movie, because for this drama that question was only ever an allegorical footnote.

Take Shelter, nonetheless, competently deals with the theme of an anxiety riddled blue-collar family man living in the corner of some recession hit American Nightmare, and not much else.


Take Shelter quick if this movie comes anywhere near you.

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  • Petr

    135 mins of sweet suffering.

    • Jonatan

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  • Rayton

    Nothing but kudos for Jeff Nichols et al for making this movie. Difficult subject matter but worth seeing. Essential viewing.

    • Daiki

      I actually really liked this trailer. I read the movie is paying homage to Speilberg films from the 70′s and 80′s so the music and feel of this trailer felt totally appropriate. I’m really excited to see more!

  • Jeb

    I really thought Take Shelter was absorbing Intelligent, and a nicely shot film. It also maintained a feeling of impending dread right until the end. Michael Shannon’s acting was mesmerizing.

    • Bungsu

      This is actually an improvement for me. I used to habitually compare myself with fictional characters who never made serious mistakes and didn’t need to sleep. Bruce Wayne, Sherlock Holmes and the like. Comparing myself to actual human beings is progress.

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