Survival Of The Dead: Demise Of The Romero

Posted in Reviews by - March 06, 2013
Survival Of The Dead: Demise Of The Romero

Survival Of The Dead was written and directed by the Godfather of zombie movies himself George A. Romero, with the film revolving around two feuding Irish families who for some reason are living on an island just off Delaware during a zombie apocalypse.

Unfortunately, the undead just looked plain stupid but still demonstrated more intelligence than the characters, who made all the obvious mistakes in order to try and force an otherwise non-existent plot. To his credit George A. Romero did at least make a half-assed attempt to raise a number of social issues in Survival Of The Dead, all of which in the end proved too boring to even contemplate.

It says a lot that when Romero launched his resurgent trilogy offering back in 2005 with Land of the Dead, that movie cost $15 million to make but still managed to gross $47 million at the box office. Nevertheless, the adoring fans who turned out for that movie expecting a few new tricks from the master were mostly disappointed, until Diary Of The Dead (2007) further eroded any remaining good will they still may have felt. Finally, Survival Of The Dead (2009) cost a meager $4 million to make and took a pitiful $143,191 at the Box office.

VERDICT: Demise Of The Dead

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