Righteous Kill (2008) more like Self-Righteous Shills

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Righteous Kill (2008) more like Self-Righteous Shills

While watching this by the numbers cop seeks serial killer movie I couldn’t help thinking that these two overblown egos, who were once choice fillets of the acting fraternity, have now become the grisly bits of fat you’d politely put to the side of your plate during dinner time.

Al Pacino, 68, with his poof of hair to create the impression of extra height, resurrects once more, as he has been doing since 1992, the role of the cantankerous old coot Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slade from ‘Scent of a Woman.’ He originally got an Oscar for that role and has been flogging it to death ever since. Robert De Niro, 65, on the other hand, called on the whole range of his acting talent in this mediocre offering, which ranged from looking pissed off, to kicking people on the ground, to doing some chick doggy-style.

Not much to say about the plot really, other than to say you’ve probably seen it before. The chemistry between De Niro and Pacino, however, was remarkable¬† in terms of the enormous respect these actors show one another in this 100 minute long mutual admiration vehicle. After all, as we learn, Rooster was De Niro’s “role model” while ‘Turk’ was Pacino’s ‘inspiration’.

If all this wasn’t cringe worthy enough, at the end of the movie look out for Pacino reciting poetry in the hammiest thespian tradition imaginable. “We did good Turk, didn’t we?” Pacino says right at the end of Righteous Kill. No you bloody did not!

On a more positive note, in a deeper sense Righteous Kill had to be made in order to restore the cosmic ego inbalance left in the universe after ‘Heat’ in which De Niro dies and Pacino lives.

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