Resident Evil: Retribution Flogging A Dead Zombie Horse

Posted in Reviews by - December 02, 2012
Resident Evil: Retribution Flogging A Dead Zombie Horse

Slick and stylish graphics, maybe, but unfortunately this Resident Evil offerings’ plot carried no great suspense or foreboding. In fact,  predicting who would survive and who would be killed off in order to dramatize the potential dangers faced by the main characters couldn’t have been more obvious had they been wearing a number on then back of their shirts.

Resident Evil: Retribution did, at least, have a few enjoyable scenes, such as the ones set in American Suburbia. Overall, however, this movie felt like a very mild bit of foreplay ahead of what was hinted at at the end of this 96 minute rehash. I just hope that one goes off with a bang. I’m still a fan of the brand, of course, I’m just glad I stopped going to the cinema to watch them after the abomination which was Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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