Rambo 4-Arms (2008)

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Rambo 4-Arms (2008)

Rambo 4 tells the story of a group of Christian missionaries held hostage  inside military ruled Burma, with an American Pastor then contracting Rambo and a group of mercenaries to help free them.

However, in stark contrast to other Rambo movies where Sylvester Stallone muscle poses his way to self glory, this time around the 61 year-old actor must have been too self conscious of his love handles and sausage veins that the central focus of Rambo’s character now shifts to his forearms. In fact, so prevalent were shots of Rambo’s elbow to wrist area that Sylvester Stallone really missed a trick by not calling this film “Rambo-Forearms.”

As one would expect, the enemy were portrayed as verminous scum who couldn’t shoot straight to save their lives, which they didn’t! John Rambo then proceeds to effortlessly kill everybody in every imaginable way, and would have encountered more resistance had the Burmese army been replaced by a bunch of grannies armed with knitting needles and balls of wool. This bloodbath subsequently reaches such a lustful level that it ends up a kind of sado-masturbatory snuff movie, which attempts to add a touch of realism by allowing Rambo to get a slight bullet nick to his shoulder in the closing minutes of the film, as he’s mopping up remnants of the Burmese ‘skittle’ soldiers.

Of course, some will claim Rambo 4 was just a bit of fun, but these people should re-watch actual footage of the Burmese people’s suffering shown at the beginning of Rambo 4 before heading directly to the VD clinic to have their brains checked out for advanced syphilis. What a pity Rambo’s Kernel (Richard Crenna) is no longer alive as you could always depend on him to add some much needed class by providing at least a hint of proper acting.

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