Planet Terror (2007): Exploitation Horror Classic

Posted in Reviews by - January 26, 2014
Planet Terror (2007): Exploitation Horror Classic

What an enjoyable and imaginative gore fest Planet Terror proved to be. Directed and written by Robert Rodriguez of Sin City fame, it maintains a stylish, comic book feel, while some of the camera effects are so innovative you feel like you’re caught in the weird texture of some one’s nightmare.

The main story of Planet Terror involves a bio-weapon being released into an area, turning thousands of people into mutated zombies, with an assorted bunch of survivors trying to make it out to safety alive.

As well as non stop stylish, horror action, there is also entertaining characters and real sense of fun throughout, including a gonad collecting scientist, a one legged go-go dancer, a diner owner obsessed with a secret recipe for BBQ sauce, a jealous, psychopathic doctor and a legendary fighter called El Wray to mention a few.

There are many cinematic original touches in this movie such as a sex scene with an amputee, zit eruptions, semi exploding zombies and grainy, surrealistic film texture. Combine this with a strong acting cast including Rose McGowan, Freddy Rodríguez, Josh Brolin, Michael Biehn, and Bruce Willis and you have one of the most entertaining, cult comedy-horrors you are likely to watch.

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