Moneyball (2011): An Effective Remedy For Insomnia?

Posted in Reviews by - May 03, 2012
Moneyball (2011): An Effective Remedy For Insomnia?

Moneyball gives a dramatized biographical account of Oakland Athletics 2002 season under general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt), who famously says during the movie; “How can you not get romantic about baseball?”

The answer is simply to watch this dull, lifeless drama. Not only should that do the trick but it will also provide an effective remedy against insomnia, although hypersomnia could then become an issue so be warned.

The story follows the former underachieving baseball player turned Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane who, realizing he cannot compete with the financial clout of bigger clubs, teams up with finance and computer whizz Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) and re-builds his team using a method of advanced statistical analysis known as saber-metrics.

Throughout the first 40 minutes of the movie there are some fairly interesting moments and a plot progression which actually overrides the excessively subdued atmosphere and pace. After which Moneyball becomes unbearably tedious, bogged down under a pile of stats and the continuous buying and selling of a bunch of faceless players. The movie then culminates in one of the most anti-climatic finishes in the history of cinema.

Unfortunately, Moneyball fails to capture the imagination with its minimalist plot, dull lighting and lack of scenery, not to mention sterile dialogue between the main protagonists Beane and Brand who, for all I know, are actually this boring in real life. I usually enjoys dramatizations of actual events but this surely is one for die hard baseball fans only.

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