Meet The Spartans: A S’poof Movie

Posted in Reviews by - January 02, 2014
Meet The Spartans: A S’poof Movie

I have to admit I found myself amused by the first few minutes of this crappy film as it did a pretty good job of parodying the original ’300′ albeit in an almost scene by scene fashion.

I liked the scene involving the ‘Pit Of Death’ up until Britney Spears made an appearance, I tittered slightly on seeing a cat’s turd stuck to the face of the sandman (that’s right, the sandman), and the fight scene where Leonidas gives a wedgey to one of the Persian soldiers was actually quite good.

Unfortunately the rest of ‘Meet The Spartans’ was so uninspired, wayward and off the mark that you have to pity the poor fools who came up with this shite. They tried desperatley to cross parody the principled heroic code of the Spartans with modern labotomised trash culture, but all they could manage to do in the end, was bitch about how the Spartans were probably a bunch of homosexuals.

FACT: Homosexuality provides around 95% of the gags in this s’poof movie.

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