La Horde (2009): La Bored

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La Horde (2009): La Bored

Its been a long time in the coming but at last a zombie film has been made by a bunch of actual zombies targetting an audience of the living dead themselves. Naturally, rigor mortis of the brain sets in soon after you start watching La Horde, but rather than feeling stiff as a board like a zombie, you end up feeling bored stiff, instead. The fact so many people gave La Horde positive reviews, however, strongly suggests that the zombie plague must well and truly be underway.

Directed and written by first-time filmmakers Benjamin Rocher and Yannick Dahan, the plot involves four vigilante French cops who raid an abandoned housing project to get revenge on the drugs gang who slayed one of their own. After Paris is suddenly transformed into a blazing zombieland the two sides subsequently forge an alliance in order to survive.

This B-movie then comes complete with sprinting zombies, shaky camera work, and above all, no explanation of how the zombie outbreak took place or why the undead should swarm towards the deserted tower block. Throw in a bunch of violent dumb bickering characters who never realise the importance of zombie head-shots and even consider raping a female zombie at one point, and you have all the ingredients of yet another pointless zombie flick.


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