Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

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Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009)

The biggest tragedy to this story is that no one showed Hatchi the body of his dead master so that he wouldn’t have to waste the next ten years of his life hanging out at the train station.

Poor Hatchi seemed pretty bored throughout the movie which was reflected in his acting, which ranged from fluffy faced to foofy faced. Despite the obvious drawbacks of having a Japanese Akita play the lead role, his acting still managed to upstage that of the supporting cast, who seemed none too excited to be appearing in this howler of a movie.

Having said that, the film was honourable enough and was an adaptation of the original faithful Akita Hachiko, who after his master Hidesaburo Ueno died in 1925, waited at Shibuya train station every day for the next nine years.

After Hachiko died in 1934 they placed a bronze statue in honour of him at the train station, which was mentioned at the end of the movie. That ceremony would have been a worthy event to have covered, but the film instead limped out with a  predictable Richard Gere/Hatchi reunited in paradise scene.

‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’ didn’t have the emotional intensity of other loyal animal movies to sustain a full-length feature, but on the plus side, at least Hachi’s tale had a good point to it.


A lethargic film about a grieving dog

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  • Jedster

    It made me laugh seeing Gere taking a bath with Hachi when his wife looked in…no wonder Joan Allen wasn’t crazy about the mutt.

    • Bhushan

      Hachiko is a wonderful movie that touches the heart of every human heart and spirit. The performance of the leading characters is spectacular ! especially actor Richard Gere who’s character is very kind and loving person. How I wish that all the people in the world will watch the movie. This movie reminds us the true value of humanity and how much value we put to the most important thing that matter to us. If a dog can show loyalty and love, I think we should ask ourselves how much we can do to prove our love & loyalty? this question comes in my mind when I finish watching the movie. The movie is giving us so much of realizations about life , that after all our relationship to others is the most important of all. Amazing movie !God bless !

      • Akiro

        I really love true stories because true stories really touches every heart of the people who read it or watch it. And all of the true stories are really make us cry and think of it in a long time. This movie (Hachiko) is a touching and inspiring story about dogs. It inspires me to do good to other animals because animals, especially dogs, also have the word love. I really love this movie it inspires me deeply to my heart. In real life, I really like Japanese.

    • Nadir

      I hardly ever write reviews but was compelled to after watching Hachi. This beautifully written movie is one that just stays with you. I was crying so hard my children thought I had gone bonkers. Hachi is a great movie for all dog lovers to watch. Its even a must watch even if you’re not.

      • Thiago

        I never imagined that after seeing the film and coming home the sight of my dog trilly made me cry so much .. I think it’s a beautiful friendship between human and dog (Trilly always tries his hardest to make us happy, and we love him).

    • Yoda

      I agree with the reviewer. I thought Hachi was soooo BORING!! Not really a family movie either as it is just plain mournful and melancholic.

      • Noemi

        Aww poor Ella! What a great story. I sort of dread the Hachiko movie. I look forward to watinchg it but am worried about the effect it will have on the breed in general. Please, we americanize everything. We did it to the breed as well. (Japanese akitas aren’t as large nor come in all the colors the American akitas do.) I think the original story was incredibly sad. The owner died and no one took the dog in so he lived AS A STRAY for 10 plus years on the street. Nothing romantic about that. I have the original movie on VHS around here somewhere. (in Japanese with english subtitles) Is it me or do we put to much weight into one story? I mean to judge a whole breed as super loyal because of one dog seems like a reach to me. Not to say they aren’t, but don’t you think loyalty is earned between a dog and their person? (and people) Do we really believe some breeds are more loyal than others?.-= Marie s last blog .. =-.

      • Sihem

        It’s a great movie It has something to do of being loyal to your Master, i just hope peolpe would realize that Hachiko’s movie is a revelation from God to convict every person’s heart to be faithful to him alone not to anything that your eyes could see God Bless, accept Jesus Christ in your life and be save!!!! The Spirit og the Living God is now moving in a massive way right this time Love the Lord your God with your all -Mark12:30-

  • Tinna

    When i watched the movie i knew the true meaning of man’s best friend. My name is Nadia Sikder and i am from Bangladesh (211/2 Ulan, Rd. Rampura Dhaka) where Animal Brutality is commonplace. My pet dog Muttly was killed recently. Who could have slain an innocent dog? My beloved friend, companion, and family has been permanently snatched away never to come back. if only he did die a natural death I could let go blissfully for he did have an extraordinary magnificent life our dear discerning adored, precious sweet beloved Muttly that words couldn’t symbolize, but knowing his death was unnatural, his soul still haunts us restlessly craving for justice to uncover the people behind his assassination.

  • eqxxjijm

    OMG! I thought Hachi was a great movie. I could not stop crying..Jason Alexander was hilarious as George Costanza playing a station master.

    • Yusuf

      A similar story is cinculatirg on the internet here in the U.S. A Clear Lake family took their two dogs to a boarding facility after Hurricane Ike blew down their backyard fence. The following morning they received a call telling them both their dogs were gone. Daizy and Hank had escaped. Hank was found almost immediately behind the kennel, but Daizy was gone. The family had plastered the neighborhood and surrounding areas with pictures offering rewards to no avail. Ten months later reports of Daizy sightings began to surface. A dog was coming out at night through a break in a fence at the end of a cul-de-sac. Apparently neighbors were leaving food for her to eat. Daizy is a Blue Lacy, the State Dog of Texas, and part coyote. Dog experts said this dog would most certainly be able to fend for itself. The family never gave up and could not bear the thought of just abandoning her and never finding her. When the family learned of her possible sighting, they went to the area to find her. Upon hearing the familiar family whistle, she bolted out of the woods to her owner, offered a paw for a handshake and began to cry. She is now happily back with her family and no worse for wear. Daizy was found less than a mile from the kennel she had escaped from ten months earlier! I love these stories!!! They should all end this way.

  • Dobaman

    Very touching. A dog is really ‘s best friend, both in this life and the next.

    • Vitas

      I have a jack russell “cicouclo” and I have never cried at a movie before, although I haven’t seen Marley & Me, yet. But today I plucked up the courage and I saw the movie Hachiko and eventually burst into tears. I know dogs are animals, but they are also saints who came from heaven to fill our hearts with joy and affection, and that any ungrateful and dirty humans who treat their dogs badly deserve the worst punishment.

    • Yousef

      Hatchi or Hachiko, is a faithful dog whose fidelity and love of his master transcends all emotions. He waited a lifetime at the same place, waiting for his master’s return that never happened. A true heartbreaking story that made me weep so much. God bless you and your love Hachi

  • Chonthicha

    I happened across Hachiko because I was looking up Shiba Inus which lead me to Akita Inus which lead me to Hachiko. I mostly read everything online that I could about this little guy and was already moved to tears about his story. I kept reminding myself that he and his master are together now but what broke my heart was that Hachiko had to endure 10 years of loneliness to wait to see his beloved master again. I watched the 1987 version last night and even though I don’t own a dog it sure made me appreciate my cat a lot more.

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