Ghost Town (2008) Should Be Demolished

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Ghost Town (2008) Should Be Demolished

For those of you out there wondering whatever happened to Ricky Gervais, well apparently he’s making rom-coms for Hollywood thesedays. Go guess!!

Ghost Town sees the rotund Englishman playing an obnoxious and cynical dentist who sees the error of his ways after having a ghostly curve ball thrown at him. You see, Dr. Pincus (Gervais) spends most of his life trying to avoid people but after dying briefly during a hospital operation, awakes and is plagued by a host of ghosts all wanting him to sort out their unresolved problems. In a bid to rid himself of the bothersome spirits, Dr. Pincus reluctantly agrees to help Frank (Greg Kinnear) rid his young widow (Téa Leoni) of the new man in her life but falls in love with her instead.

Ricky Gervais’ sarcastic and unsympathetic persona provides much of the comedic entertainment in this movie, while the biggest laughs come on a personal level from watching Gervais play a lead romantic role. Consequently, it was painfully amusing in equal measures seeing Gervais’ attempts to charm Téa Leoni with his sardonic wit, as it was watching the eminently porkable 42 year-old doing her best to laugh at his jokes and portray an attractive, sophisticated woman somehow in love with an unbearable, bitter tosin-jay. Watching the semi-disguised torturous look on Téa Leoni’s face as she attempted to convince the cameras she was being wooed by Dr Pink-arse was priceless.


Amusing but instantly forgettable in-flight supernatural Rom-Com

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  • Esteban

    remember it’s Stephen Merchant and_ Ricky Gervais who wrote and did this as all their stuff. if you ask me Stephen is almost funnier than Ricky in some sense. The XFM Radio Show they did together was brilliant and also without Steve there would never been The Office

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