Dead Man Down (2013): Audience Likewise

Posted in Reviews by - September 08, 2013
Dead Man Down (2013): Audience Likewise

The title of this film, Dead Man Down, shouldn’t be taken lightly as it actually acts as a forewarning to any unsuspecting viewer oblivious to the fact Colin Farrell has been let loose on a studio set, once more.

Once again the moody Irish actor gives his trademark silent-but-simmering performance complete with an emotional depth which would make Brad Pitt’s acting seem on par with that of Anthony Hopkins.

The story revolves around Noomi Rapace blackmailing gangster Victor (Colin Farrell) into murdering the man who maimed her in a car crash, while Victor also works on his own revenge scheme involving the men who murdered his own family.

Although dubbed as a psychologically thriller, the only psychologically effects which then ensue are unfortunately those which are meeted out on the unfortunate audience in this plodding, dull piece of claptrap.

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