Chronicles Of Riddick (2004): An Epic Of Chronic Proportions

Posted in Reviews by - May 24, 2013
Chronicles Of Riddick (2004): An Epic Of Chronic Proportions

This movie should really have been called; ‘The Chronic Of Ridiculousness.’ I enjoyed Vin Diesel in ‘XXX’ and ‘Pitch Dark, but this time around his monotone and monotonous acting slowed down the movie to such an extent you could actually feel time moving in reverse.

Unfortunately, in the ‘Chronicles Of Riddick’ Vin Diesel got into his hard man role so much that the only lighter parts of the movie comes when, for some reason, he doesn’t kill someone but merely maims them instead. Not so lucky though, 15 minutes or so into the movie, when Riddick takes out a small battalion of highly trained soldiers, by putting out two candles with his outstretched hands, thus plunging the room into darkness.

The story was overambitous, slow moving, and the acting so transparent that you would have to be a root vegetable to thrive on this dross. Usually it’s possible to enjoy even a bad film, when its so bad you can laugh at it, but this instead¬† succeeded in raising only a series of yawns. In the end I managed 3/4 of an hour of this epic of chronic proportions before succumbing to inevitable sleep.

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