Blindness (2008) Is Also Dumb

Posted in Reviews by - June 27, 2013
Blindness (2008) Is Also Dumb

Blindness is a bit like Day Of The Triffids, only without the Triffids or a story for that matter. Basically, out of the blue almost everyone goes blind and we then watch people bumping into things for a the next punishing two hours before the final dreary romp home.

Meanwhile, empty a few litter bins onto the street and its the end of the world, and throw in some shaky camera work and piano music while you’re at it and you have an art house production, apparently. Its as simple as that!

Ultimately, Blindness is an exhaustively indulgent apocalyptic drama which will make you want to tear your own eyes out in disgust.


Unwieldy discombobulated disappointment

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