After.Life (2009)

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After.Life (2009)

After.Life is a genuinely creepy tale, which mostly takes place in a local funeral home’s underground mortuary. This horror also benefits greatly from having a stellar cast, including Liam Neeson who was excellent as the cold, moody morgue director, Eliot Deacon.

From the start, we never know whether to trust Deacon who seems to be able to communicate with the dead, or whether he is in fact a dangerous, psychotic funeral director. Consequently, the movie has enough ambiguity to keep us guessing as to the real relationship between Deacon and his unfortunate  corpses right to the end, whilst also maintaining a level of tension, melancholy and dread which made After.Life a truly haunting, chiller.

Christina Ricci was great as the unhappy school teacher Anna Taylor, while the movie lost nothing from having her appear in most of the movie wearing little but a blood red slip. More specifically, the audience is fully drawn into the mystery of whether she is at the mercy of Deacon, or whether she really is dead in the morgue but unable to face the truth that she never really lived in the first place.

Overall, this spooky, gothic tale was a real treat to watch and may well prove be many a horror fan’s cup of embalming fluid.

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