5ive Girls 1 Happy Viewer

Posted in Reviews by - October 21, 2012
5ive Girls 1 Happy Viewer

Five Girls is about five troubled and unwanted girls, some with supernatural gifts, who are sent to St. Mark’s Catholic boarding school for girls where they receive disciplinary tuition from harsh headmistress, Miss Pearce (Amy Lalonde), with Father Drake (Ron Pearlman) tossed in or tossed off if you prefer, for good measure. However, before long weird things begin to happen and the girls have to pool their powers and fight against the demonic aggressor Legion from the Bible.

Despite being a low-budget movie, the special effects were nonetheless well-done, while the story had a good momentum to it with enough suspense and twists to make it entertaining viewing. More importantly, however, watching a cute bunch of  girls in school uniforms running around screaming in the sexually repressed environment of a Catholic school had an attraction all of its own.

5ive Girls come replete with lots of Hail Marys, short skirts, lesbian kissing, pentagrams, bathing and toilet scenes, as well as a highly memorable corporal punishment scene in which headmistress,
Miss Pearce, gives Jennifer Miller’s butt an almighty spanking with a ruler followed the next moment by Jen on her tummy back at the dorms and Jordan Madley using her healing hand to make her sore bottom better.

All in all, I found 5ive Girls to be a decent flick worth watching, but then again I could just be a bit perverted.

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